cdpACCESS opens October 2nd. The Code Council’s cdpACCESS system for the code development process is scheduled to open on October 2ndfor the 2018/2019 Group A code change cycle. ICC is offering free instructional webinars on Oct. 3, Oct. 5, and Oct 9 to assist with the cdpACCESS code change submittal process. These are just the initial webinars scheduled with the roll out of cdpACCESS and there will be additional webinars scheduled as well.

The Code Change Agenda, Report of the Committee Action Hearing, and the Public Comment Agenda for the 2018 Group A Code Change cycle will be posted below.

Note that the on-line versions are PDF files that contain three new features:

  • Highlighting and commenting (using Adobe Reader)
  • Adobe search
  • Bookmarks

The files are also designed for quicker downloads.