Building Safety Month: Week Five

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Improving Education & Training Standards for a Safer Tomorrow

WEEK FIVE // May 27-31, 2018

With powerful advancements in technology and frequent discoveries of new methods for solving age-old problems, the building industry, like many industries, is constantly changing. For building safety professionals worldwide, education and training are valuable and essential aspects of professional development. Those who consistently seek out avenues to expand their knowledge often see the most career success.

Importance of Training and Professional Development

  1. Sharpen the tools in the toolbox – You can never go wrong improving your current set of skills and knowledge
  2. Increased productivity – Well educated employees are the most productive and display high quality performance levels
  3. Improves employee morale – Feeling more confident in your skills and abilities improves your overall attitude towards work
  4. Fewer mistakes and accidents – Increase your knowledge and skills and lessen the chances of errors on the job
  5. Increases chances of promotion – Become a strong asset for your organization. Acquire skills and efficiency during training to become more eligible for promotion

Help to advance your career with professional development opportunities and training. See the resources below.


ICC Learning Center

ICC Preferred Provider Program

Infographic: Safety 2.0: Building Careers for Today’s Generation

ICC Brochure: Careers in Code Administration 

FEMA Emergency Management Institute Mitigation Curriculum

FEMA P-787, Catalog of FEMA Building Science Branch Publications and Training Courses (2016)

National Safety Council (NSC) Workplace Safety Training

Certified Code Safety Professional Exams

NFPA Certified Electrical Compliance Professional (CESCP)

BOMA Educational Resources

ICC-ES Educational Tools

S.K. Ghosh Seminars

IAS Training Programs

General Code Webinars

OSHAcademy Professional Training Courses

National Association of Safety Professional (NASP) Training Resources

ANSI Education and Training

Board of Certified Safety Professional (BCSP) Certifications

Certified Code Safety Professional Certification

Contractor/Trades Testing

Specialty Programs

UST/AST Certification

Certification Renewal

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